CIVIL RECORDS 1874-1878

Arndt and Sill surnames


Also lists the following family surnames that are connected with our ancestors in Stolp

            Beer, Birr, Hoffmeister, Höpner, Klohn, Trapp

Arndt surnames (These records have not as yet been included or excluded from our August Arndt b. cir. 1853)


1878 marriages in Stolp

*  Hermann Arndt was witness to the marriage of Carl Frederick Burshshal.



*  Edward Arndt, son of Carl Arndt and Wilhelmine Feschki  


*  Caroline Johanna Krichisrchkoff, daughter of

            Johann Krichisrhkoff and Catherina Wallahin.


1877 marriages in Stolp

*   Herman Johann August Arndt of Berlin, son of Johann Arndt and Helen Alberline Schröder of Stolp


*  Augete Weedenhoff.



*  Alwine Bertha Marie Arndt daughter of

Otto Arndt and Johanna Zordel of Stolp married. 

*  A Twenty-eight year old (can't read the name of the groom)

            (August Arndt of #56 Königstrasse, Stolp was a witness.)



*  Emilie Heinritte Friedricke Arndt daughter of August Arndt and Caroline Noffke of Stolp


*  Johann Wilhelm Kaddats.



*  Hermina Theresa Arndt daughter of

            Malrkasr Arndt of Stolp

            married .

            (Wilhelm Arndt of Stolp is a witness.)



1876 in the village of Strzeczona, Slupskiego  (Kr. Stolp)

*  Heinrich Arndt


*  Johanne Terske


*  Karl Hafre


*  Albertine Arndt.


1876 marriages in Stolp

*  Herman Dorring son of

      Ernestine Arndt  was married


*  Carl Ferdinand Albert Arndt son of

      Georg Arndt and Marlotte Seils


*  UFN Holfpap daughter of

      Anna Zühlke.



*  Reinhold Pigorsth


*  Alwine Mathilde Wilhelmine Arndt daughter of Carl Arndt of Stolp.

            (Twenty-seven year old August Arndt  of # 56 Königstrasse, Stolp  was           witness)



*  Freidrick Willhelm Arndt son of

      Johanna Arndt  of Stolp  was married



1875 marriages in Stolp

*  Martin Arndt was a witness to a wedding


*  A woman whose mother's maiden name was Arndt  was married        

*  Carl Julius Hermann Arndt, born and residing in   Stolp, son of

      Carl Arndt and Charlotte Fredricke Miorhke of Stolp


*  Henriette Caroline Birtone


1874 marriages in Stolp

*  Albert Arndt son of

      Carl Arndt and UFN Noffke


*  UFN Ohnarth



Sill surnames (These records have not been included or excluded from our ancestor Wilhelmina Justine Sill Arndt b. cir. 1855.  m. August Arndt)

1878 marriages in Stolp

*  Albert Feske, son of

Ferdinand Feske and Marie Sihullpeh


*  Pauline Johanna Carolina Sill, daughter to Johann Sill and Carolina Sommer.


1877 marriages in Stolp

*  Ferdinand Sill was witness to a marriage



1875 marriages in the village of Tychow, Slupskiego, (Kr. Stolp)


*  Martin Sill, residing at Windisch-Tychow, was a witness to a marriage.


1875 marriages in Stolp

*  Ludwig Sill got married



Surnames associated with our family. (These records have not been included or excluded from our ancestors in Stolp) Beer, Birr, Hoffmeister, Höppner, Klohn, Trapp


1878 marriages in Stolp:

*  August Voll, son of

Johann August Voll and Caroline Hoffmeister


*  Auguste Alwine Marie Höpner, daughter of Heinrich Höpner and Marie Stiswe.




*  Ferdinand Höpner, son of

Carl Höpner and Henriette Doring


*  Henriette Müller daughter of

            Carl Müller and Henriette Musrh.




*  Carl Wilhelm Knitter son of

Frederich Knitter and Alborsin Tvartt


*  Wilhelmine Höppner daughter of

Godfried Höppner and Elizabeth Horogbroach.



1874 marriages in Stolp

*  Höppner was witness to a marriage



1875 marriages in Stolp

*  Höpner, son of

Adolph Höpner from Danzig



Hermann Höppner was witness to a marriage


Eduard Beer was witness to a marriage.



1876 marriages in Stolp

*  Franz Puttclkowe


*  Auguste Wilhelmine Trapp daughter of

August Trapp and Wilhelmine Friedricke Genard.



*  Albert Wilhelm Birr, born in the village of Benensdorf, residing in Stolp, son of            Fredrich Birr


*  Emma Rosalie Caroline Mitzloff.

            (Willhelm Schröder of Stolp was witness).



*  Carl Heinrich Klohn son of

 Carl Klohn and Wilhelmine Jacob


*  Clara Motske of Loitz.



1877 marriages in Stolp

*  Ferdinand Gottfried Pahl


*  Fredericke Emilie Höpner daughter of

            Ernst Heinrich Höpner of Loshin, Stolp.