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A small site for fellow ethnic Germans with family roots in former Pomerania and those whose ancestors immigrated east during the eighteenth century into partitioned Poland before emigrating from Europe to North America.



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Site Information


To find information about our German ancestors who lived for centuries in central Europe and to find remnants of our family that may have remained in Europe and not immigrated to the United States.

Key responsibilities

To share knowledge in a spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit


Based in North America.



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Favorite Links

*   http://www.stolp.de/

*   http://www.greatwar.org/

*   http://www.josko-online.de/Genealogie/Stammbaum/stammbaum.html

*   http://pixel.cs.vt.edu/pub/churches/ilow.txt


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Contact Information

E-mail address (English only please)


Office fax-phone

Hard-copy genealogical Information may be faxed to: 626.844.0076


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Current Projects

*   Arndt and Gresens Family branches from Stolp, Kr. Stolp, Pommern, Prussia (currently Slupsk, Slupskiego, Poland).

*   Gatzke and Zielke Family branches from the Vistula Basin, Russian western provinces (currently Ilow, pov. Warszawa, Poland).

*   Kalis Family from Osada-Libnerowka, Izbica- Kujawska, pov. Kolo, Russian western provinces (currently pov. Konin, Poland).


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Political Jurisdictions

The names of the places changed according to which nation or empire controlled the area at the time.  Listed below are the Province names shown in colored fonts to demonstrate the language used because of these political changes.


Text on this site is in English although the tree branches and the place names are multilingual.


*           German/Prussian language used is blue

*           Russian/Soviet Union language used is red

*           English language is in black

*           Polish/Congress Kingdom language used is green


Where our Arndt/Gresens families came from







Where our Gatzke/Zielke families came from









Where our Kalis family came from






If you know where your family is from, you may find that location listed next to the tree. Province names there are listed in all languages used by the applicable government to describe them.  Our Kalis, Püfhal, Breitkreutz, Zelmer, Janke and Riske families lived in Kujawy etc., Gatzke, Zielke, Rinas, Werner, Körber and Schrieber families are from the Warsaw provinces etc. and our Arndt, Gresens, Höppner, Trapp, Steingraeber, Alberson, Rhode, and Kurrasch families resided in Pomerania etc. To find information: 

                   Browse and click on the banner or let the tree limbs direct you to check this out this site




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Site Goals

*   To find our first ancestor into central Europe

*   To trace the family lines back to our German roots

*   To find related families


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Last revised: Thursday, December 18, 2003