Gresens family in Stolp

Including records of the surnames Gresens and Steingräber, that have not been included nor excluded from our lineage.


            We've been examining the civil records from the city of Stolp, Kr. Stolp, Pommern and several adjacent villages for the years 1875 through 1878.


This is currently called the city of Slupsk, Slupskiego, Poland, but at the time our ancestors lived there it was part of the Pommern province of the Great German Empire, Prussia.


The city of Stolp is located in the Kreis (lit. circle) Stolp. A map from 1871 is included on this website for reference.


These old civil records for the city of Stolp include many surnames associated with our Gresens lineage but we were only able to tie-in two with certainty,  These are the marriage records of :


(1) Ernst Georg Gresens and Bertha Wilhelmine Fredericke Kurrasch on April 5, 1878 


(2) Ernst's sister Johanna Gresnes and Heinrich Schröder on April 30, 1875.


The records are handwritten in German, have been microfilmed and copied; so not everything in the records is legible.


(1) Husband Ernst Georg Gresens was a schmied (smith) by occupation.  He was Evangelican (Lutheran), born on March 4, 1848 in Wucherken, a village in Kreis Stolp. At the time of his marriage he was living in Stolp on Gerichts Strasse.  Gerichts is a one-block-long street ending at Wasser Strasse and only a few blocks from the church built by the Teutonic Knights where the Hohenzollern's converted to the Lutheran faith, Saint Marien Kirche. 


The parents of Ernst Gresens are Heinrich Frederick Gresens listed as an eigen__ (owner of something) and Charlotte, maiden name Rhode who was living at the village of Larhin, Kreis Stolp.


Wife Bertha Kurrasch was a Lutheran, born December 1, 1859 in the village of Versin, Kreis Rummelsburg, which is half way between the cities of Stolp and Rummelsburg.  She was living at Stolp at the time of her marriage. The parents of Bertha are Johann Kurrasch and Albertina Bushian. In 1878,  Johann Kurrasch was living in Versin.  Albertina Bushian was deceased when Bertha married.


Witnesses to this marriage were: Anton Kappen, a 35-year-old and Carl Schröder a twenty-nine year-old fisherman. Both men were living in Stolp.


(2) Wife Johanna Christine Gresens, age 30, was a Lutheran, born in Wucherken and living at Willhelmstrasse 29, Stolp at the time of her marriage.  She is the daughter of Heinrich Gresens of Larhin and his wife Charlotte Rhode.


In 1875 Johanna Christine Gresens married Heinrich Christoph Schröder, a cabinetmaker, who was 24 years old.  He was a Lutheran born in Lupow and living in Stolp at # 235 Mollenberger.  He is the son of Heinrich Schröder a deceased cabinetmaker from Vecbrow and his wife Johsuus Sill. (It's interesting that August Arndt's mother was a Sill.)


Witnesses to this marriage were: Hermann Schröder, Weudeline Gresens, Robert Neumann, a 32 year-old living in Stolp and our Ernst Gresens, who is a smith by trade.


1875 in the village of Stojentin, Slupskiego (need to find the German translation)


*  Hermann Albert Ludwig Nitz


*  Johanna Henriette Gresens daughter of

Carl Gresens of Gohren and Anne born Sell.


We've not identified this Gresens to our line, but have included it here for information on possible leads.


Bertha Kurrash, the bride in document #1 was married three times and had children with all three husbands.  Other husband's names for Bertha are UFN Steingräber and  Hermann Alberson . 


We found the following records for Steingräbers in Stolp.

1878 marriages in Stolp

*  Herman Frederich Jacob Woah, son of

Johann Woah and Ernestine Kosanke


*  Johanna Caroline Emilie Steingräber, daughter of Johann Steingräber & Caroline Wilhelmine Klasfbassh.


1876 marriages in Stolp

*   Ernst August Wilhelm Steingräber, son of

 Carl Steingräber and  UFN Berrand of Stolp


*   Rosalie Friedericke Gnath of Sresone.


1875 marriages in Stolp

*  A man named Lemke


*  UFN Steingräber, born and residing in Stolp, daughter of

            Carl Jacob Steingräber.

                                    (Carl Behrens was witness)


*  Groom was a man named Steingräber, son of Carl Steingräber of Stolp.



*  Anna Marie Elizabeth Steingräber daughter of August Steingräber and Bertha Rcycron       


*  Carl Kamiensky.



1874 marriages in Stolp

Bride's mother's maiden name was Cill and a Steingräber was witness.