Unonnected Ilow records excerpts


*  Christian Mielke b. 1784


*  Elizabeth Zielke b.1790. 

 The marriage took place in 1846 in Képa Karolinska.



*  David Fengler b. ca. 1795


*  Marie Gatz(ke) b. 1808.

            Note: Adding a (ke) ending shows a variation.


            Christian Brokopp b.1788. His mother is  

            Eva Rinas.


1867 in Kepa Karolinska

*  Friedrich Gatzke b. 1823

*  Julianna Peter b.1856

*  had a daughter Alwina Gatzke


1865 in Kepa Karolinska


*  August Rinas

*  Krystylny Sommer

*  had daughter Ludwika Rinas

            Friedrich Gatzke, a self-sufficient farmer was a witness.


*  Friedrich Körber b.1845

*  Maryanna Mauk b.1837

*  had a son Henry Körber



*  Friedrich Gatzke b. 1823

*  Julianna Peter b.1856

*  had a son Adolph Gatzke



It should be noted that we have an ancestor named Friedrich Gatzke who we know was married to Krystyny Körber.  We don't know our Friedrich's birth date but the Friedrich Gatzke (above) b. 1823 is a reasonable date and our family was from Kepa Karolinska.  So it’s possible that the Friedrich Gatzke (above) who married Julianna Peter is our Gatzke ancestor. If so, it would mean that Julianna Peter is Friedrich Gatzke’s first wife. 



Zielke surname   

An early reference to this name is in 1585 where a Hanz Zilch is found in old records in Heidelberg.


Other variations of the name are Zieleke, Zilisch and Ziwag.


A Prussian couple by the name of Carl and Henrietta Zielke were the first Zielke's to come to the US. 


They came via Bremen to New York in 1870 with their daughters Hermine and Auguste.